The Letter “Hey”. Jim proceeds “Discovering the Depth of the Hebrew Alphabet” with an in exploration of the letter Hey. Discover exactly how the 5th letter of the alphabet is utilized by the Creator to bring as well as change destinies discovery to his individuals. Words is active!

Discover the Depth of the Hebrew Alphabet

It would be an exaggeration to claim that the deepness of God’s Word is extraordinary. In reality, it is life transforming. Every letter of every Hebrew word is not only a photo in the ancient language, however is created by the Creator to educate us how to live and how to truly attach with The Father.

You will certainly find out each letter of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet in its modern and old Paleo picture and also definition. You will certainly additionally uncover the importance of the number to which each letter associates and exactly how it can radically affect your understanding of the bibles.

Instance 1:
The Torah is meant with a Tav (ת), a Vav (ו), a Resh (ר), as well as a Heh (ה). Tav (ת) suggests “agreement,” Vav (ו) stands for a nail, Resh (ר) means “the head or start of,” and Heh (ה) indicates “disclosed or revelation.” So in its original pictograph form, the word “Torah” (הרות) suggests “The commitment of the nail is the start of discovery”! Said backwards it is “Revealed is the head of the nail covenant”.

Example 2:
The first two letters of the Hebrew aleph-bet are Aleph (א) and also Bet (ב). With each other, those 2 letters imply “the stamina of the residence”.
Published on Sep 2, 2011

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