A Voice in the Desert checks out exactly how male made customs in the church have actually made words of God of no effect. They have numerous names: modify call, rites, routines, sinner’s prayer, emotional experiences, life transforming experiences etc. What they all share is that they are spiritual customs which are not straight based upon anything Jesus instructed. If we placed our faith a lot more in these experiences than in Jesus’ message, after that we will be misdirected. There are many judicial Christians today. These are modern-day Pharisees, who strain at gnats and also ingest camels. In order not to be one of these, we should begin complying with the trainings of Jesus today!

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What is “A Voice in the Desert”?

Its purpose is to aim people to the message, instead than the messenger. Most modern day prophets advertise themselves even more than the trainings of Jesus as well as the true message of Revelation. The objective, nevertheless, is to sweep away dogmas and also traditions to expose what Jesus really educated.

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01. Fiddler on the roof covering – Tradition (with subtitles) by guru006
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02. Great Domino Tricks by Fantastic Domino
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03. Attempt not to cry obstacle by Jake Paul.
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04. “Footsteps of Jesus” + Altar Call by Crossroads Baptist Church.
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05. A Vlog A Day by Door Monster.
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06. Francis & Lisa Chan by Skip1.org.

07. David Platt by Timcornelson.

08. Torben S√łndergaard by The Last Reformation.

09. Word of Wisdom, Paul Washer Preaching by Apelles KJV.
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10. BENSON_06 by Waiting For The Word.

11. PRAISE AND WORSHIP with Prophetess Thendo Semono by Charis Missionary Church.
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13. Guest Speaker!!! Bishop Ronald Mathis by CMAFC.
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14. Do You EVER See Old People In Your Dreams? Simply About EVERYBODY is YOUNG in Mine! by In5D.
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15. Peter’s Denial|Mark 14:26 -31, 66-72 by Providence Church.
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16. Sand strikes on the Great Sand Dunes by Kelly Kochanski.
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